Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use the Omni in the Vertical mode?
A: With many of the newer Dedicated Flashes, such as Canon 540 & 550, Minolta 5200 & 5400, Nikon SB-24, 25, 26 & 28 and similar flashes from other manufacturer's, you can aim the flash head straight on and rotate the head up 45 degrees on the center axis of the flash unit itself.
Q: Why must I tilt the flash head to 45 degrees?
A: In Non TTL models this is necessary to avoid under exposure caused by light from the Omni hitting the external auto sensor of the flash. In TTL models it gives a better feathering wrap around of the light in the range from close to about 15 feet from the subject. Beyond that point with TTL we find straight on works OK for you.
Q: How does the Omni mount onto my flash unit?
A: Most of our units, except the UNI or Universal, are a custom mount designed for the size of your specific flash head. The UNI mounts with a peel and stick adapter bracket attached to the flash head, making the Omni easy to slip in and out for use. None of our units use Velcro that has to be stuck to your flash head.
Q: Will the Omni help reduce red eye in my people pictures?
A: The answer is yes in most cases. We have found that the light produced by the Omni in the 45 degree position goes a long way in helping to reduce the dreaded red eye caused by harsh straight on flash.
Q: What adjustments in exposure do I have to make using the Omni?
A: We have found that with the automation offered in most of today's flashes makes exposure quick and easy. No exposure adjustment is needed on your part. The only thing that happens with the Omni in place is the Maximum Distance of the flash is reduced by a factor of 2.5. For example if your Max Distance is 50 feet divided by 2.5 now equals 20 feet with the Omni in place.
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