For Outstanding Technical Achievement in the Developemnt of the Omni Bounce Green & Gold
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STO-FEN Products Manufacturer of the Omni-Bounce, the top choice of many of today's working photographers. Offering photographers a chance to get the best possible light from their flash with out having to carry cumbersome equipment. The Sto-Fen line is custom designed to fit most of the popular flash units. And NO Velcro is ever required for attaching the units to your flash.
Omni-Bounce OM-MZ3
Omni Bounce on
Nikon SB-28 Flash
"Bounce Flash Specialists"
The complete line of STO-FEN Bounce Products are designed to fit most of today's popular portable strobes. Custom fitting so you never have to use Velcro on your Strobe. Small and Compact enough to Fit easily into your pocket or gadget bag.
Two-Way on Canon 540EZ
Two-Way UNI on
Canon 540EZ Flash
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